The Prague Dawn Photo Tour
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Prague Dawn Photo Walking Tour

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From about EUR 35.92

Enjoy photography of unique places under ideal lighting conditions, without having to spend time researching best places to visit.

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Product Description

The Prague Dawn Photo Walking Tour allows a person to visit the most attractive part of the city during the most favorable conditions for exposure. The light changes during that time – night to sunrise to daylight – the times a day where light is ideal, streets are deserted and a person can capture the true mood of this beautiful city. Most of that tour is very peaceful, undisturbed.

You will get recommendations of composition, exposure time, shutter and other settings. Also you will be in the right place at the right time, to catch the perfect light when the sun rises and during the gold hour and blue hour.

The Prague Dawn Photo Walking Tour offers the possibility to see empty streets with lit lanterns. Our photography walk begins and ends in front of the parking elevator at Alsovo Nabrezi 10, close to the Staromestska station (accessible via Metro, tram lines 17, 18 and night tram 53). On the route we can capture various objects of historical Prague: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town towers, Lesser Quarter churches, Kampa, John Lennon Wall, Devil’s Channel, Strahov Monastery.
About 20 minutes of this route is uphill.

The Prague Dawn Photo Walking Tour is designed for intermediate and skilled photographers.

What’s Included:

  • Guided photography walk through Prague
  • Assistance of a skilled photographer
  • Recommendation of composition, exposure time, shutter, and other settings

What’s Not Included:

  • Lessons of camera handling
  • Transport from/to accommodation
  • How to set recommended settings on each camera

Strongly recommended equipment:

  • Camera
  • Lenses covering approx. (focal length converted to fullframe):
    • 24mm and 50mm high aperture lens for night photos (i.e. f1.8)
    • 120mm or more for sunrise
  • Tripod
  • Full replacement battery
  • Rain wear
  • Gloves
No additional charges.
Accompanist without camera allowed, but respect that customers are prioritized.